Gua Sha and Face Oil Pairings based on Skin Type

What Are The Best Gua Sha Face Oils For Each Skin Type?

Have you seen the gua sha buzz on social media lately? If you haven’t then let’s recap: Gua sha is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) technique that involves scraping the skin with a stone tool. However, before you get busy gliding and sliding, it’s essential to apply facial oil on your skin first. This gives you maximum gua sha benefits and comfort. 

But how do you know which oil to use? 

Here’s a Blunt-approved guide to finding the best gua sha face oils for each skin type, including oily, sensitive, normal, and dull, sagging skin:

But First, What Are the Benefits of Gua Sha?

Some of the incredible skin benefits of gua sha include:

While it’s best to perform gua sha massages daily for five to ten minutes, many people have seen improvement in their skin from even two to three sessions a week, which is awesome if you ask us. To practice gua sha at home, check out this article on easy techniques you can try. And you can grab one of our newly-launched Rolling Stone Gua Sha here

Now let’s talk best gua sha face oils for each skin type.

Best Gua Sha Facial Oils for Acne-Prone and Oily Skin

People with oily skin typically have a shine over their entire face and enlarged pores, which causes pesky breakouts to appear more often. While it may seem counterintuitive to put more oil on your face, some types of facial oils have ingredients that absorb quickly and can stabilize your skin’s sebum production (AKA your skin’s oil), which is often the culprit for acne.

We recommend the ultra-hydrating and noncomedogenic Rosehip, Safflower, and Black Cumin Seed Oils for those with oily skin because they each contain high levels of:

  • Linoleic Acid: Neutralizes sebum production (thanks to its Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids), meaning less clogged pores, oil, and acne
    • Vitamin E: Helps to fight inflammation, which is a major contributor to oil overproduction and blemishes
    • Vitamin C: Protects the skin barrier against free radicals and toxins that can cause irritation by stimulating oil production 
    • Vitamin B: Aids in healing the skin from acne scars and inflammation, while also helping to regenerate new skin cells 

    You can find all three of these incredible oils in one convenient bottle with our Blunt Isolate Facial Oil. Packed with vitamins and moisturizing seed oils, this powerful facial oil is perfect for combating excess oil and acne, giving just the right amount of hydration and protection.

    Best Gua Sha Facial Oils For Sensitive Skin

    Those with sensitive skin often struggle with redness, dryness, itchiness, and even burning sensations. Their skin is very reactive to perfumes, dyes, and silicone, so it’s best to avoid products with those additives. That said, many calming and soothing natural ingredients found in oils can help relieve irritation and dryness caused by sensitive skin conditions like eczema.

    Three particular oils that work extraordinarily well on sensitive skin are CBD, Centella Asiatica (aka Tiger Grass), and Kukui Nut Oil. Here’s a breakdown of what makes them so helpful:

    • They’re natural and free of potentially irritating synthetic binding agents
    • They’re nutrient-dense with fatty acids, amino acids, zinc, copper, selenium, and beta-carotenes to help generate strong cells and rejuvenate the skin
    • They contain saponins, which are anti-inflammatory and may help prevent triggers that can cause flare-ups of skin conditions
      • They’re gentle, quick-absorbing, lightweight, and hydrating to relieve dryness and sensitivity due to common skin conditions 

      You know how we said that Blunt’s Isolate Oil works for oily skin? Well – it’s also a perfect fit for those with sensitive skin, too. You can receive all the benefits of the oily skin-targeted oils above, along with the three we just chatted about, leaving you with a healthy, radiant look.

      Isolate Pure CBD Balancing Face Oil

      Best Gua Sha Facial Oils For Normal Skin

      For those with a normal skin type, you probably don’t have to deal with too much oil and sensitivity. You may want to maintain the healthy skin barrier with just enough hydration to avoid dry skin. The name of the game for this skin type is just a basic, good-for-you skincare routine to promote hydration and maintain a healthy balance.

      Another trio of oils that help keep your skin in top-top shape are Sacha Inchi, Hemp, and Blackberry Seed. These oils – especially for those with normal skin – can promote:

      • Excellent hydration, thanks to fatty acids like gamma linoleic acid (GLA), humectant beta-sitosterol, and stigmasterol
      • Healthy skin cells and overall tone because of vitamins A, C, and K, along with minerals like calcium, potassium, zinc, magnesium, and phosphorus 
      • Anti-inflammatory assistance from overproduction of oil and strengthening of the skin barrier 

      Blunt’s Seed Oil is formulated with the oils mentioned above that can keep your skin in the optimal ratio of moisture and good health. Just like all our other oils – it’s vegan, formulated without artificial ingredients, parabens, PEGs, mineral oil, weird dyes, and fake fragrances.

      Hemp Seed Hydrating Face Oil by Blunt Skincare

      Best Gua Sha Facial Oils For Dull, Sagging Skin

      If you have dull, sagging skin, you may experience a dry, rough complexion, reduced elasticity, and more noticeable fine lines and wrinkles. What this skin type needs most from skincare is moisture and safety from environmental factors that cause the skin to age and lose suppleness.

      Prickly Pear Seed Oil, Sea Buckthorn, and Argan Oil are all powerhouses that provide these important necessities and more. Some standout benefits of these oils include:

      • Faster cell turnover and a reduction of hyperpigmentation due to high levels of vitamins E and K
        • Defense against free radicals (thanks to zinc) and detoxifying of cells due to betalains
        • Greater elasticity to the skin from polyphenols that prevent enzymes from breaking down collagen and elastin

        Blunt’s Moonrock Oil contains all three of these incredible oils plus Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract to further assist in fighting against free radicals and inflammation. This potent mix provides an ultra boost in derma repair, leaving you with more luminous, healthy skin 24/7.

        Moonrock Full Spectrum Renewall Face Oil

        Now that we’ve explained the best gua sha face oils for each skin type – which one will you be grabbing? If you'd rather try all three to see which one your skin prefers, you can take advantage of our trial-sizes face oils. 



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