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Our skin is connected to cannabis and responds to topical cannabinoids. Skin science shows positive effects in improving texture and regulating important skin functions. Take a deeper dive with us here

  • Cannabis Skincare

    Our skin is part of the human endocannabinoid system and it responds to topical cannnabinnoid treatments. We're leading this movement and it's just the beginning!

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  • #LegalizeIt

    Many people in the US and in the world still can't access cannabinoid treatments. We want to break the drug stigma, expand research and decriminalize cannabis.

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  • Our Story

    We're merging a decade-long cosmetic chemistry expertise with innovative cannabis technologies. Our skincare products designed to be safe, effective, good for you and the planet.

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Is It Legal?

Yes! All Blunt Skincare products are formulated with the hemp cannabis strain in compliance with the US Farm Bill to contain none or less than 0.3% of THC. None of Blunt Skincare products will get you "high".

Our vision of the future of beauty

Blunt approach

Transparent Beauty

Clearly labeled with the dosage and the type of cannabis extract, all our products are triple-tested for integrity. Beyond products we're taking transparent approach to pricing, ingredients and materials. Learn more about our practices here.

Cannabis Science

Cannabis contains over 100 different compounds. We're committed to the research of cannabis skincare technologies to create highly-effective, safe and good for you skincare products. Learn more about us here.

Better Sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond product design. We are working diligently to reduce our footprint to create a circular economy. Learn more here.

Stigma-Free Space

Blunt is a queer company that’s proud to be continuing the legacy of our community’s involvement in cannabis legalization. We pride ourselves on being a 100% stigma-free space. Learn more here.

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