welcome to blunt skincare!

It feels good to be blunt. We formulate our products with top-shelf ingredients that have long-lasting benefits for your skin. Some of the ingredients are derived from cannabis, a plant that many refer to as "medicine" — us included.

Cannabis + Skincare

We're a skincare company pioneering new methods of skin health through cannabis, cosmetic science innovation and transparency. We create products using the highest quality ingredients and the best sustainable materials.

Fun fact: every cannabis-derived ingredient interacts and benefits your skin in different ways. Each part of the plant has its own function and skin beneficial compounds.

Blunt's Highest Values

Cannabis Science

The key to skin health is through the endocannabinoid system naturally pre-built in our bodies, including our skin. It responds to cannabinoids from the cannabis plant to regulate many functions such as producing sebum, regulating inflammation or skin renewal process.

Cannabis contains over 100 different compounds. We're committed to excel in cannabis science to create truly effective, safe skincare products that address common skin concerns.

Transparent Beauty

The future of skincare is 100% transparent where customers love products beyond fancy marketing. All Blunt products are clearly labeled with the dosage and the type of cannabis-derived ingredient. We triple-test the products for integrity and share certificates of analysis tested by a third-party laboratory.

All Blunt products are designed with recycled materials or made to be recycled.

Better Sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond product design. We are working diligently to reduce our footprint to create a circular economy.

  • We’re offsetting our shipping carbon emissions by joining forces with Ecocart.
  • All of our shipping mailers made from recycled paper in partnership with Eco Enclose and our packing peanuts made from cornstarch are biodegradable.

We want you to love your products and use them to the last drop —that's why we introduced our trial size program. We believe that everyone should be able to test a product before purchasing the full-size.

Stigma-Free Space

Blunt is a queer company, we're proud to continue the legacy of our community’s involvement in cannabis legalization. Our community was and is at the forefront of cannabis legalization. In fact, the very first bill to decriminalize medical marijuana was written by a gay man. Blunt advocates for cannabis law reforms by uniting with other like-minded businesses on the Floret Coalition Network. We also donate a portion of our proceeds to the organizations that do the work and are committed to creating a stigma-free space just like us.

We pride ourselves on being a 100% stigma-free space. After all, cannabis and people have been stigmatized for far too long. Blunt is a place where everyone can come embrace skincare as they are, no matter their gender, creed and sexual orientation. Through powerful products and knowledge, we can help shift the social and systemic barriers for cannabis and you

Meet The Chemist

Chemistry has always been fascinating to me — I believe it helps us understand more about ourselves and the world around us. I graduated with Master's in Chemistry and while I didn’t learn about cannabis during college, it was the first place I experimented with it. 

I learned about skincare ingredients while working in the most innovative labs: L'Oreal, Johnson & Johnson and contract labs . One thing that stood out to me was cannabis — no one was looking at skin's endocannabinoid system.

After seeing misinformation in the industry about cannabis, I created Blunt: a cannabis-focused skincare company that’s transparent, rooted in science, and pushes the boundaries of quality ingredients and sustainable materials. 

Blunt is proud to be the first stigma-free cannabis skincare brand that’s pioneering education and creating products loved by many nationwide.

Stas Chirkov