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Gua Sha Face Tool

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A facial massage tool to lift, depuff and sculpt.

What it is: A smooth opalite gua sha to elevate your cannabis facial oils experience.

Why we love it: 

  • Enhances facial oil treatments with added lifting benefits
  • Releases facial muscle tension paired with cannabis facial oils
  • Sculpting-friendly shape for all areas on the face and neck

Good to know: ROLLING STONE Gua Sha Face Tool is suitable for all skin types and is made of opalite to help overcome tiredness and to promote transformation.


  • Opalite

How to use

Start with a clean face and prep skin with Blunt Facial Oil.

  • Forehead: Start with forehead using the wide edge and scrape in an upward motion from eyebrows to the hairline.
  • Cheeks: Place the wide, flat edge to the right side of your mouth and scrape towards cheekbone and stop before you reach your ear.
  • Jawline: Begin at the middle of your chin, moving the curved side of your Gua Sha tool towards your ear.
  • Under-eye area: Begin just below your inner corner of your eye and very gently sweep the narrow side of Gua Sha under your eye area and towards your hairline. Apply very light pressure. 
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Get Lifted

Release the tension by pairing cannabis face oils with Gua Sha tool for more lifted, sculpted look.