Why Black Cumin Seed Oil Is Key in Fighting Acne

Why Black Cumin Seed Oil Is Key in Fighting Acne

Sometimes we have to look to the past to rediscover an ingredient for optimal skincare benefits. In the past few years, that's been black cumin seed oil. It comes from a plant called Nigella sativa, sometimes called black caraway or fennel flower. The ancient ingredient has been used in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia for centuries, and is finally being incorporated into modern skincare. And for good reason! The natural oil has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and is safe for all skin types. 

At Blunt Skincare, we especially love black cumin seed oil for acne. Why? Well, allow us to count the ways. 

Black Cumin Seed Oil Benefits 

1. It's antibacterial. A lot of acne is caused by bacteria so it's not surprising antibacterial properties both help clear-up and prevent future breakouts. 

2. It's anti-inflammatory. Black cumin seed oil calms swelling, redness, and skin discomfort thanks for its anti-inflammatory properties. 

3. It protects the skin. This antioxidant-enriched oil naturally protects the skin from free radical damage and environmental stressors. 

4. It helps fade post-acne marks. One of the worst parts of a break out is dealing with dark spots. Black cumin seed oil can fade dark spots over time, even if they are caused by aging, hormones, and sun damage. This is thanks to the vitamin A, amino acids, and fatty acids in the oil which regenerate skin cells.

Black Cumin Seed Oil For the Skin

While we live for black cumin seed oil for acne, that's not all it's good for. Those suffering from eczema will find it improves the look and feel of the skin condition. If fine lines and wrinkles are more your concern, note that vitamins A, B, and C, in black cumin seed oil help skin retain moisture and maintain that important elasticity. The nourishing, fatty acid-rich oil hydrates and fills in fine lines. And that skin regeneration we learned about for acne? It helps minimize the appearance of wrinkles, too. What can't this oil do? 

BLUNT SKINCARE's Isolate Pure CBD Balancing Face Oil contains black cumin seed oil, making it a must-have for anyone with oily, combination, and acne-prone skin. 

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Mike Harmon on

My family have used Nigella for decades – it’s almost like a home first aid kit for so many problems. It’s a wonder that it doesn’t get more coverage – it certainly is worthy of it.

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