Cocoa Butter For Lips and Skin Benefits

Cocoa Butter for Lips and Skin: What Are the Benefits?

By Jordan Robertson

If you’re like most sweet-toothed people, you probably associate cocoa butter with chocolate, which makes sense considering it is made from cocoa beans (AKA the starting point for  – you guessed itchocolate). But if you’ve seen labels marketing cocoa butter for lips and skin, you might be a bit confused. Is it edible? Should it just be used in skincare? Does it have benefits?

To help you understand why cocoa butter for lips and skin is an exceptional ingredient, we’ve compiled all the info you need to know about it in a handy Blunt-approved guide:

What Is Cocoa Butter? Can You Use Cocoa Butter for Lips and Skin?

Photo of Cocoa Beans and Cocoa Butter for Lips and Skin

Pictured: Cocoa Butter and Cocoa Seeds   |   Source: Healthline

Even though cocoa butter may bring to mind decadent desserts like fudge brownies and cake, it’s also a staple ingredient for many skin and lip care products. Cocoa butter is a kind of fat (a triglyceride) that comes from cocoa beans after they’re roasted, stripped, and pressed. The leftover goodies are then pressed into cocoa powder, which can be used as a natural bronzer

If you’ve never seen cocoa butter before, it’s generally a pale yellow color and looks similar to a block of soap or white chocolate (ironic, we know). When melted, its creamy texture is next-level and what makes it such a must-have ingredient for moisturizers, lotions, and lip balms. In addition, cocoa butter offers an intoxicating chocolate aroma and has an ultra-long shelf life.

Different Types of Cocoa Butter, Some for Lips and Skin
Pictured: Different Types of Cocoa Products   |   Source: LFM

Let’s Get Blunt About the History and Usage of Cocoa Butter for Lips and Skin

People Farming for Cocoa Butter for Lips and Skin
Pictured: Men Harvesting Cocoa Pods   |   Source: Noal Farm

Cocoa butter’s raw form is known as cocoa or sometimes cacao; it’s been harvested for centuries in West Africa, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. The Olmecs, Mayans, and Aztecs revered cocoa butter, using it as currency and in religious rituals. Over time, it became associated with medicinal properties and was used on skin for deep hydration

The first European encounter with cocoa beans occurred in 1502 when Columbus spotted them off the Bay of Honduras. But it was Hernando Cortez who introduced the tree to Europe in 1528. Soon, the cultivation of cocoa trees became an international botanical, and in 1828, the invention of the cocoa press led to the discovery of cocoa butter. Pretty neat, if you ask us.
Cocoa Press and Cocoa Butter for Lips and Skin
Pictured: Cocoa Press   |   Source: LFM

The Benefits of Cocoa Butter for Lips and Skin

While we’ve all likely eaten and enjoyed cocoa butter before, have you ever wondered what it can do for the skin? No matter how cocoa butter is prepared (bean, butter, or powder), it’s insanely rich in essential nutrients and antioxidants, making it an amazing ingredient.

Here are the benefits of cocoa butter for lips and skin:

  • Cocoa Butter Is an Antioxidant Powerhouse: Containing high amounts of polyphenols, AKA ultra-strong antioxidants, studies have shown that cocoa butter can help fade fine lines and wrinkles. But it’s not just about looking good; it also soothes sensitive or inflamed/irritated skin, giving you a double win for healthy, happy skin.
  • Cocoa Butter Is Packed With Vitamins: In cocoa butter, you'll find a beneficial mix of vitamin E, vitamin K, magnesium, copper, and iron. Copper works behind the scenes to support healthy collagen and elastin, ensuring your skin stays bouncy. Meanwhile, iron plays its part in giving you that lit-from-within glow that’s currently all the rage. 
  • Cocoa Butter Deeply Hydrates: Rich in fatty acids, cocoa butter goes beyond the surface, forming a protective barrier on your skin to lock in moisture. Oleic, palmitic, and stearic acids (also present in cocoa butter) are known to go deep, providing your skin with the nourishment it truly deserves.

Cocoa Butter for Lips and Skin Benefits: Moisturizing, Anti-Inflammatory, Antioxidant Properties, Smoothing, Softening, and Deeply Hydrating

Experience Cocoa Butter for Lips and Skin With Blunt’s Game-Changing Puffer Lip Hydrating Butter

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