Murumuru Butter Skin Benefits for Lips

Murumuru Butter Benefits for Skin and Lips

While fun to say, murumuru butter is a whole lot more than just a phrase that feels good on your lips (though it does nourish them for a healthy, naturally glossy pout). Known as a treasure for its “miracle” effects, the murumuru butter benefits for lips and skin range from deep moisturization to antioxidant-fortified protection, making it a gold-standard lip care ingredient.

Formulated into our new one-of-a-kind Puffer Hydrating Lip Butter, let’s dive deeper into the tea of why murumuru butter is one of Blunt’s best-kept secrets for a plump, soft pucker:

Murumuru Butter Benefits for Skin and Lips: What Is Murumuru Butter? And How's It Made?

Leaves and Murumuru Butter Benefits for Skin and Lips

Deriving from the seeds of the murumuru palm tree that’s native to the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil, murumuru butter is especially known for its sky-high fatty acid content, moisturizing properties, and its ability to promote skin, lips, and hair health (but more on that later). 

Here are the steps to how the ultra-creamy and nourishing murumuru butter is made:

  1. Harvesting: The process begins with collecting murumuru palm fruits, which are harvested from the trees once they ripen.
  2. Extracting Seeds: The seeds are extracted from the murumuru fruits as they contain a high-fat content, which is crucial for getting that velvety butter goodness.
  3. Cleaning and Drying: The extracted seeds are cleaned to remove any pulp or debris and left to dry in the natural sunlight.
  4. Pressing and Extracting Oil: After the seeds are dry, they’re mechanically pressed to extract an oil that has a creamy, butter-like consistency (and is very prized).
  5. Refining: The extracted oil undergoes a refining process to eliminate impurities and enhance its quality, which may include processes like filtering and deodorizing.
  6. Solidification: The refined oil is allowed to solidify, resulting in – you guessed it – murumuru butter; it’s solid at room temperature but has a soft and delicate texture.
  7. Packaging: Finally, the murumuru butter is packaged for use in all kinds of cosmetic and skincare products, like lotions and lip balms.

The History of Murumuru Butter’s Usage

A Hand and Murumuru Butter Benefits for Skin and Lips

When it comes to the benefits of murumuru butter for skin and lips, it has been embraced for centuries by Indigenous communities in the Amazon Rainforest. The murumuru palm tree held significance among these communities, causing the people to integrate it into their daily lives for cosmetic, medicinal, and ritualistic purposes. Rich in fatty acids and history – pretty neat, right?

Over time, other countries have jumped aboard the murumuru butter train, recognizing it as a natural and sustainable ingredient that can be utilized for all kinds of benefits. Today, this lux, silken butter is a highly sought-after ingredient in both beauty and personal care products because of its emollient properties and its ability to drastically nourish the skin, lips, and hair.

Murumuru Butter Benefits for Skin and Lips

Murumuru Butter Benefits for Skin and Lips: Moisturizing, Non-Comedogenic, Antioxidant Properties, Improves Skin Elasticity, Gives a Gloss

By now, you’ve probably gathered that murumuru butter is the bee's knees. Expert Marisa Garshick, MD, a board-certified derm, says it’s such a miracle ingredient because it’s “rich in fatty acids, including lauric acid and myristic acid, which helps to support the natural skin barrier and prevent moisture loss.” Here are some other murumuru butter benefits for skin and lips:

  • Intense Moisturization: Murumuru butter is rich in fatty acids (as Marisa said above), which provide deep hydration to your skin and lips, leaving them supple and soft.
  • Emollient Properties: This nutrient-dense butter has excellent emollient properties that create a protective barrier on your skin to prevent moisture loss for a long period.
  • Nourishing and Soothing: Murumuru butter contains essential nutrients that nourish and soothe your skin and lips, making it next-level for relieving dry or chapped kissers.
  • Natural Source of Vitamin A: As a natural source of vitamin A, murumuru butter can support your overall skin health by promoting cell turnover and maintaining elasticity.
  • Natural Shine for Lips: When used in lip products, murumuru butter not only deeply moisturizes your lips but also provides a natural, radiant shine. Who could ask for more?
  • Sustainable and Ethical: The extraction and use of murumuru butter contribute to sustainable and ethical practices in the beauty industry, a value that is very important to us here at Blunt.

Experience Murumuru Butter Benefits for Skin and Lips in Blunt’s Long-Lasting Puffer Hydrating Lip Butter

Experience Murumuru Benefits for Skin and Lips in Blunt's Puffer Lip Hydrating Butter

Heard the news? We recently launched our ultra-velvety, long-lasting Puffer Lip Hydrating Butter, a hemp seed oil infused kiss quencher that’s inspired by Mother Earth’s finest natural oils and butters and cozy puffer coats. Here are the stars of the Puffer Butter’s formulation: 

  • Four deeply moisturizing butters: Murumuru, cocoa, shea, and cupuaçu (+ mango butters)
  • Cutting-edge aquaporin-activating technology (known as Hydra Synol® DOI and Saliporine-8), which is a fancy way to describe clinically-smart ingredients that activate your skin’s own hydration channels
  • Long-lasting, plant-powered occlusive (no petrochemicals) that hangs around, keeping moisture locked in and leaving your lips happily hydrated, smooth, and healthy
  • Natural Shiso-flavoring (a prized Japanese herb you might’ve tasted before) that gives the butter citrusy, herbal notes with a hint of mint, licorice, and cinnamon for an exquisite lip care experience
  • Hemp seed oil that’s not only hydrating AF, but is anti-inflammatory, full of omega fatty acids, heals damaged lips, and oh-so gentle and lightweight
  • Comes in our patented Eco-Smart Packaging for sustainability


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Can’t wait to get in on the Puffer Butter action and experience the murumuru butter benefits for lips and skin? You can find our one-of-a-kind, luxuriously plush Puffer Lip Hydrating Butter here.


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