Gift Guide for cannabis enthusiasts and stoner women

Green Elephant: Highly Recommended Gifts for Cannabis Enthusiasts

Gone are the days of limited accessory choices at your local smokeshop. In these increasingly cannabis-tolerant times, there’s a pipe for everyone; an ashtray for any kind of cannabis lover/hemp dabbler; a CBD-infused something for every part of one’s wellness routine. And for good reason! Weed just seems to make everything better—even jewelry. 

So, whether shopping for your #1 smoking bud, your work bestie, or just a ‘lil something for yourself, we created a guide to the coolest, most useful, and most shareable cannabis-centric finds across the internet. Look no further for the best cannabis-themed gifts of 2023.



Rolling Stone Gua Sha Tool

Gua sha is a versatile, essential element in any skincare regimen. The tool can be used to massage the face and release tension, stimulate circulation, sculpt, and enhance facial oil treatments. Our new gua sha tool is made out of 100% opalite—a lustrous, glowy gemstone with properties that can refresh tired skin. The perfect addition to an aesthetic top shelf. Add to Cart.

 Another Room Joint Locker Cannabis Enthusiast Gift

Another Room Joint Locker

An easy, cute way to keep the vitals in one, easy-to-find place. 3D printed with plant-based plastics, this hard-sided holder fits a standard lighter and joint, protecting the important stuff and helping you keep track of your light each sesh. Urban Outfitters, $28.

Burning Love Butterfly Joint Holder

Butterfly Joint Holder

It’s a little Lisa Frank and a little OCD; practical and Instagrammable—this extendable joint holder makes a great gift for smoking buddies who like their seshes as tidy as they are aesthetic. The rainbow iridescent wand measures 5"–12" long. More than just keeping your hands from getting sticky/stinky with resin, the joint holder makes it easier to pass around the circle. No one wants to be the friend who drops the jay! Burning Love, $14.

Wandering Bud Nelle Pipe + Brass Poker Bundle

Wandering Bud Nelle Pipe + Brass Poker Bundle

The only thing better than a fresh ceramic pipe pretty enough for a coffee table? A sturdy new poker to go with it. The Nelle is a steamroller-styled piece that keeps things simple with just a simple carb at one end and a larger bowl perfect for sharing, while the poker is a handmade brass tool that’ll likely come in handy throughout your smoking kit. A winning pair! Wandering Bud, $110.

Truly Hemp Patches for Acne Ulta Store

Truly Hemp Blemish Patches

If you haven’t yet experienced the wonder of pimple patches, buckle up. It’s a game-changer to eliminate the chances of you messing or picking with any blemish, allowing it to get uninterrupted treatment with a layer of salicylic acid that speeds up the shrinkage time. These “hemp” shaped stickers brighten the vibe of any breakout. Ulta, $14.90.

Blunted Objects Jewelry with Cannabis Theme

Silver Cannabis Leaf Rosary

The missing piece to a canna-Catholic-core look. Ready to layer or wear on its own, this dainty necklace is a subtle, chic nod to your habit that goes with any fit. Handmade in Los Angeles, California. Blunted Objects, $35.

Blunt Skincare Moonrock Full Spectrum Renewal Face Oil

Blunt Full Spectrum Renewal Moonrock Oil

Our Full Spectrum Renewal Face Oil is packed with CBD-rich hemp extract that helps the skin’s ability to fight against free radicals and inflammation. Formulated without artificial ingredients, parabens, PEGs, mineral oil, weird dyes or fake fragrances, this blend is a clean, supportive mix of prickly pear, sea buckthorn, and argan oil that works with the CBD to nurture the skin’s barrier and promote repair. Add to Cart.

Kush Queen CBD Bath Bomb Gift Idea

Kush Queen Relax CBD Bath Bomb

Give your bath extra healing powers with a cannabinoid-rich bath bomb scented with organic essential oils of lavender, sandalwood, frankincense, orange, and chamomile. Crafted to be pH-friendly for the body and non-staining for the tub, a 30-minute soak in these CBD-infused waters will relax the muscles and mind. Kush Queen, $16.

Bathing Babes Ashtray Cannabis Gift Idea

Papers & Ink Bathing Babes Ashtray

The ultimate ashtray for your smoking buddies who love a bath or just someone who loves a unique, well-made ashtray that will last. Available in a variety of colors and opacities, this gal will brighten up any room she soaks in—bathroom or not. She’s weighty, 100% glass, and 9” head-to-toe, with vintage appeal that makes a subtle but notable statement. Papers + Ink, $50.

Mary & Kate Olsen Ashtray Cannabis Gift Ideas

Mary-Kate & Ash-Tray

For a more traditionally shaped ashtray, these creations from THNK 1994 are next level statement pieces. A nostalgic must have for any 90s baby. THNK 1994 Museum, $35.

Sundae School Sackville Mochi Grindr

Sackville X Sundae School Mini Mochi Grinder

A stylish addition to any smoking or jewelry kit, this small grinder can double as a statement pendant. It even comes with a small loop to add to a chain. Anyone with smaller hands can attest that the multi-chamber grinders in most shops can be quite uncomfortable to use, especially when flower is particularly fresh and sticky. This petite, 100% aluminum grinder twists smoothly, regardless of the amount of dank buds within. Sackville & Co., $28.

Night Shift Candle Cannabis Themed Gift Idea

Nightshift Wax Co. Cannabis Candle

Crafted with the top notes of cannabis, white musk, and a base of jasmine and ylang ylang, this hand-poured, organic soy candle is both a complement to and a handy camouflage tool for any smoke sesh. Nightshift Wax Co., $17.

Mariah Carey Christmas Lighter Cannabis Themed Gift Ideas

Mariah Carey Christmas Lighter

Although this is the lighter that everyone will want to steal, you’ll be able to catch them before they leave the circle, no problem. Just listen for the first person to start singing those unforgettable lines: “I don’t need a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need…” Friends NYC, $7.99.
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