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Sustainable Beauty Products: The Latest Innovation in Plastic Recycling

It’s no secret that sustainability is a major buzzword in the beauty industry, but let’s be blunt — the best solution has yet to be discovered. The reality is we still have a long way to go in our efforts as an industry to be more sustainable, from packaging and shipping, to the formulas themselves. With that being said, here at Blunt we’re firmly committed to finding ways (both big and small) that can help us be more eco-conscious as a brand, because ultimately we consider it our responsibility as citizens of this incredible planet we live on. 

We’re proud to say our commitment to sustainability goes beyond just product design. We’re working diligently to reduce our carbon footprint by offsetting our shipping carbon emissions by joining forces with EcoCart — that, and all of our mailers are made from recycled paper and contain packing peanuts made from eco-friendly cornstarch. 

And that’s not all: While creating our new Puffer Lip Hydrating Butter, we made the intentional choice to select a sustainable tube for our balm that (as of now) proves to be the best possible solution to the existing problems we have with recycling plastic in the United States.

Curious to learn more? Just keep on reading. 


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Did you know most small beauty packaging doesn’t get recycled?

It’s the sad truth. Get this: Less than 24% of plastic packaging in the U.S. ends up being recycled, and because lip balms tend to be small, the chances of them getting recycled is extremely slim. Most people just toss empty lip balm tubes in the trash, where they then wind up in landfills. It’s also worth noting that plastics are extremely hard to recycle because of the myriad different types that can’t be recycled together, which poses a big problem for the personal care industry as well as other sectors that use a ton of plastic. 

How forever plastics in landfills impact the environment 

“Forever chemicals” — also known as PFAS found in everything from nonstick cookware to fabric softeners — are actively contaminating our landfills, according to the EWG. Why does this matter? Because it creates increased health risks for the low-income communities, including communities of color, that often reside close to these landfill sites. Roughly 16,500 pounds of PFAS end up in landfills every year, with about 1,1000 pounds of these chemicals getting released into the environment. This leads to huge air pollution issues for those living nearby. While it’s easier said than done because we need everyone on board, one way we can help control forever chemicals from threatening our environment is by selecting smarter, more sustainable packaging options. 

Eco Smart Containers: the latest innovation in plastic that returns to nature 

Knowing all of the above and its detrimental impact on the environment, we set out to find a sustainable packaging solution when creating our Puffer Lip Hydrating Butter. What we found was Federal Package’s Eco Smart recyclable containers, which are FDA-compliant and use proprietary technology that allows plastic components to break down in biologically active environments (aka landfills) while delivering the same benefits of traditional packaging containers. 

Our lip balm’s Eco Smart tube features a unique biofilm that bacteria in landfills feasts on and degrades so that instead of becoming a forever plastic, it returns to nature in the form of soil, gas, and carbon dioxide. Pretty cool, right?

Additionally, we print directly on the tube so it doesn’t have a paper wrap-around label and is easier to recycle. 


What about carbon emissions? 

Most plastic is actually made overseas, which means it takes up more energy to transport it here to the U.S. But we’re keeping things local in an effort to reduce this energy use. Case in point: Our packaging is made in Minneapolis, MN and our products are made in Los Angeles, CA in order to help keep our carbon emissions to a minimum. 

The bottom line?

Finding sustainable solutions can feel like a huge and seemingly unsolvable feat at times, but we remain committed to doing our due diligence and putting our planet at the forefront of every brand decision we make. We may not be perfect (who is?!) but we know that even small changes can lead to bigger transformations in the long run. At the end of the day, our Eco Smart tube helps you enjoy the durability of plastic, can be recycled, and if it ends up in landfills, will return back to nature. So you can rest easy and know you’re doing right by the Earth, all while using an amazing balm that leaves lips soft, supple, and supremely hydrated.

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