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Q&A With Hannah Baxter, Beauty Editor + Brand Consultant

 By Kaleigh Fasanella 

In her decade-plus-long career as a beauty editor, Hannah Baxter has made quite the name for herself. Case in point: The University of Missouri (aka Mizzou) grad and unapologetic Leo has multiple Into The Gloss Top Shelves under her belt, more bylines than we can count, and not one — but two — successful newsletters to boot. Most recently, she served as the Deputy Beauty Editor at The Zoe Report, and prior to that, she covered all things beauty and wellness at Coveteur for nearly five years. 

Nowadays Baxter is a full-time freelancer and brand consultant, with bylines in, but not limited to: The Cut, Allure, Vogue, Architectural Digest, and Harper’s Bazaar. On top of writing for world-renowned publications and working with brands big and small, Baxter also pens two beloved newsletters — #AnxietyBeer and #BeerFace, both of which have, unsurprisingly, amassed a loyal following. The Brooklyn resident is known for her refreshingly candid writing style and the ability to make just about any topic both relatable and digestible, but there’s one subject she seldom discusses: cannabis. 

That’s not to say Baxter doesn’t have a relationship with weed though. After catching up with the multi-hyphenate beauty editor, we learned it’s played an integral role in not only her mental well-being, but in her creative process as a writer, too. In this Q&A, we chatted about how she uses weed to unwind and open up her mind, some of her favorite weed brands on the market right now — and of course, some of her must-have skin care staples. 

What role(s) does cannabis play in your life? / How has your relationship with cannabis evolved over time? 

I’ve been a cannabis user for a long time; I first started dabbling in high school and then throughout college, and now as an adult I do it pretty regularly, but it took a awhile to shift my mindset from it being this taboo thing to something that can really contribute to your mental and physical well-being. I now incorporate it into my routine as a means of relaxation or if I’m feeling writer's block. I’m also really trying to cut down on drinking as I’m turning 35 this year and it definitely helps with that. 

Solo sesh or group sesh?

It depends! I’ve been getting really into edibles lately as they’ve gotten a lot more sophisticated so I like doing that either with my partner or one other person because it’s nice having someone there to ground me. Sometimes if I’m alone I’ll get anxious and wanna curl into a ball. It’s definitely not a party substance for me though, I’d much rather do it solo or with just a few people. 

Joint or bong?

Joints! I used to be very into bongs but these days I just don’t enjoy getting hit that hard. I also learned how to properly roll a joint around a year and a half ago so I’m proud of that. My boyfriend does it really well and he’s helped me refine my technique. 

Edible or beverage?

Edibles! I’m still very new to the beverage game but they’re cool. I just tried a tea from Harney & Sons that I’ll drink in the morning if I have a long day. It’s a really chill, mellow high that doesn’t make you super stoned so that’s been a nice new addition to my life. 

Cozy indoor sesh or the great outdoors?

Oooh in the spring and summer, definitely outdoors because there’s nothing better than going to the park and sitting on a blanket in the sun with some music and a joint in hand, but I do in NYC so it’s not always reality. I also love setting a vibe in my apartment, you know, lighting some candles, putting on my comfiest sweats and ordering ramen. It really just depends!

Describe your ideal way to spend a high.

I don’t love being overstimulated so I’d say my ideal way to spend a high would be hanging out with 1 to 3 people, just chatting and listening to some good music. I also don’t look at my phone; that’s a big rule for me. Unless I’m like, texting my best friend to tell her I’m stoned haha. 

What are your favorite farms/cannabis products right now?

Ah it’s hard to choose there’s so many cool brands right now. I love Houseplant, Seth Rogan’s brand. Gossamer does some awesome collabs and their pre-rolls are great. This brand 1906 has these pills which is a really interesting way to consume cannabis that are perfect for travel because they’re so discreet and mellow. Off hours has some really good gummies that I’m into, too.

What’s your go-to strain?

I’m generally more into indica but I also love a hybrid. Sativa can make my mind spiral a little bit!

How does cannabis inform your creative process?

I use it if I’m having a really bad writer’s block because it makes my mind consider things in a different way. I’ll pop an edible and deep clean my apartment or do something active and tactile that stops my brain from going nuts, which is really helpful if I’m having anxiety or feeling stuck and procrastinating. 

As a content creator who doesn’t shy away from weed, do you notice IG shadowbans your weed content

I don’t necessarily shy away from writing about cannabis but I don’t often show myself consuming it online. As a white woman, I’m very aware that I have a ton of privilege and that there are so many people behind bars (especially Black and Brown people) for doing the same thing, so I wanna be very conscious about that because I shouldn’t be the loudest voice out there talking about it. 

How does it play a role in your mental health?

I think it plays a huge role. I struggle with anxiety and depression and it’s something that I'm newly committed to prioritizing in my 30s. I didn’t have the tools in my 20s. So I use it when my mind is spinning. Life and work can take its toll so using cannabis is another tool in my toolbox to make sure I’m giving my mind and body a break. I love getting a strain that gives me a good body high and kind of gets me out of my head and back into my body. There’s so many different benefits and I’m still discovering them. That’s the beauty of living in a state where it’s legalized because you can experiment without the fear attached. 

What’s your skincare regimen style? Are you more of a simple gal or a 12-step queen?

Being a beauty editor I’m always testing things out and curious by nature, but I try not to overdo it and just focus on products that are hydrating and address hyperpigmentation. I’ll wash with a gentle cleanser, then go in with a hydrating essence, then an anti-inflammatory or antioxidant-rich serum followed by a really simple moisturizer (I don’t believe you need an expensive moisturizer). Then I’ll apply eye cream and sunscreen and that’s it. 

How would you describe your personal style and how has it evolved over time?

My style has definitely changed as I’ve gotten older. I’m pretty adverse to trends whereas I loved participating in them 5 to 7 years ago. It was great because it helped me figure out what I liked and what I didn’t. I’d describe my personal style as your favorite Miami grandpa with a little preppiness thrown in. I love a bright maximalist printed moment, anything oversized and vintage inspired. One of my favorite looks is an oversized button down with a lacy bra peeking through, a great pair of trousers, oodles of jewelry, and messy hair.  

What are some must-haves in your am/pm routines?

I love candles from brands like Diptyque, Byredo, NEST, and Boy Smells. This is random but I’m obsessed with sparkling water so I have an Aarke carbonator so I can make it whenever I want. I’m very into this new brand Paume — they make this great Overnight Hand Mask which really helps with the eczema I get between my fingers, so I’m super loyal to it. I also take SEED’s probiotic for gut health with a ton of water, and I’m thoroughly addicted to caffeine so always coffee first thing. 

What’s the best skincare advice you ever received?

Don’t use too many things at once — simple is always better. Don’t go crazy with the actives and focus on hydration. Listen to your skin and par it back. Also prioritize SLEEP! No one wants to admit this because we live in a hustle culture, but it’s so important; your skin will look like shit if you don’t sleep. 

If you could get high with someone famous who would it be?

This is maybe a cliche but I'd love to get high with Patti Smith because I adore her and I feel like she’d go off on an amazing soliloquy and you’d sit there just completely enthralled. I saw her perform when I was bartending at Webster and I’ll never forget it — she’s such a goddamn queen and makes me not afraid to get old. It has nothing to do with how she looks, but what she’s bringing to the table with her mind and personality and experiences. So yeah, it’d definitely be Patti Smith. 

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