Puffer Lip Hydrating Butter Treatment For Dry Lips by Blunt Skincare

Experience Blunt’s New Puffer Lip Hydrating Butter

Ever wondered why your natural lip balms aren’t living up to the hype, leaving you reapplying every half-hour? This is because they are missing key occlusive ingredients and absorb too quickly, leading to dehydration instead of the nourishment and pampering your pout craves.

Enter Blunt's one-of-a-kind Puffer Lip Hydrating Butter. This unique formulation doesn't just coat; it lavishes your lips with clinically smart hydration, offers lasting protection from moisture loss, and boasts four plant butters for an unparalleled nourishing and softening experience.

Here is the buttery scoop from our founder and formulator: 


@bluntskincare Chemist and founder @Stasschi is taking you to the lab 👨‍🔬🧪🔬 #lipbalm #cosmeticchemist #fyp ♬ original sound - BLUNT SKINCARE 🍃

Keep reading to learn more about what makes Blunt's new Puffer Lip Hydrating Butter a lip care revolution:

Long Lasting Moisture

Our goal with Blunt’s Puffer Lip Hydrating Butter was to make it long-lasting, which means we had to find the best occlusive agent. We didn’t want to go the course that most brands do by using occlusives like petroleum (derived from fossil fuels) and lanolin (derived from sheep’s wool). Instead, we took the scenic route to find the best-performing alternative. 

Blunt’s secret weapon? A renewable resource from castor oil, tweaked to match petroleum's occlusive prowess. Translation: Your lips get a hefty dose of long-lasting TLC. For the science buffs out there, it means this magic ingredient hangs around, keeping moisture locked in and leaving your lips happily hydrated, smooth, healthy, and ready for action. 

Smooth Like Butter

If the BTS song “Butter” is now stuck in your head after reading the above headline, then you’re welcome. We just couldn’t help ourselves because smooth like butter is the perfect way to describe our Puffer Lip Hydrating Butter; its rich, velvety texture comes from being uniquely formulated with a mix of nourishing murumuru, cocoa, cupuaçu, and mango butter(s). 

Here is a little bit about what they do and why your lips cant get enough of them:

  • Murumuru Butter: Tropical plant with instant nourishing and soothing powers 
  • Cocoa Butter: Made from cocoa beans, this luscious goodness provides long-lasting moisture and protection
  • Cupuaçu Butter: A hydrating superhero that’s perfect for quenching lip thirst
  • Mango Butter: Doubles down on sweet nourishment and leaves lips deliciously soft

Double Down On a New Kind of Mint

Ever tried Shiso? You may have tasted Shiso leaves at a fancy restaurant, or seen them garnishing your Japanese cuisine. If you already love the flavor then luck is on your side because we infused the antioxidant-rich herb into our Puffer Lip Hydrating Butter to make the first-ever natural Shiso-flavored lip balm. If you haven’t tried Shiso yet, now is the time (trust us, it's decadent). 

Notes: Shiso gives a citrusy, herbal flavor with a hint of mint, licorice, and cinnamon for an exquisite lip care experience that's second to none.

Clinically Smart Hydration

Have you ever heard of hydrating your skin from within? Good news – it’s completely doable with the help of clinically smart active ingredients that boost your skin's very own hydration channels, like the two we use in our Puffer Lip Hydrating Butter:

  • Hydra Synol® DOI: Crafted with inspo from Nobel Prize-winning science, Hydra Synol® DOI is your skin's hero. Clinically proven to reduce Trans-Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) by 15%, it fortifies your skin's barrier function, while also directing water exactly where it's needed, delivering optimal results without the risk of glycation (aging effects).
  • Saliporine-8: This wonder ingredient fortifies your skin's shield, preventing water loss and boosting hydration. It enhances the production of AQP-3 and AQP-8, turning your lips into a moisture sponge. In studies, a remarkable 6000% boost in moisturization was observed after just 28 days of use, setting it apart as a hydration powerhouse.
  • Even More Hydration With Hemp Seed Oil

    At Blunt, we're all about cannabis-derived ingredients, and that's why we've added one of our faves – hemp seed oil – into the Puffer Lip Hydrating Butter. Not only is it hydrating AF, but it's anti-inflammatory, full of omega fatty acids, heals damaged lips, and oh-so gentle and lightweight. 

    If you're already vibing with our Seed Hydrating Face Oil, just know that our new Puffer Lip Hydrating Butter is like its lip-loving other half. 

    Comfy Wear, Just Like a Puffer Coat

    Blunt's New Puffer Lip Hydrating Butter

    Much like a plush, protective puffer coat for your lips, our innovative Puffer Lip Hydrating Butter is a plant-based lip treatment that stands between you and harsh elements like wind, dry air, and pollution. And it boasts a deliciously lux Shiso-flavoring never been used in a balm before. 

    Fueled by a four-butter complex and cutting-edge aquaporin-boosting technology, our deeply hydrating butter goes the extra mile to soothe, protect, and repair dry, compromised lips. Because at Blunt, we believe you and your skin deserve the best science-backed skincare. 

    Blunt Skincare's Puffer Lip Hydrating Butter

    Jumping with excitement to coat your pout in this luscious formula? Us, too! Be one of the first to grab our ground-breaking, one-of-a-kind Puffer Lip Hydrating Butter to experience real, long-lasting lip care here

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