Blue Tansy for Sensitive Skin Calming Skincare Ingredient

How Blue Tansy Calms and Repairs Even the Most Sensitive Skin

It's hard to believe blue tansy oil is naturally that bold, sapphire shade. But it is! There's nothing fake in the buzzy skincare ingredient and definitely no colors and dyes. It's just that cool looking. But that's only one reason why we love it. Blue tansy oil has numerous skin benefits, especially on stressed and tired skin. You know how we drink chamomile for its calming benefits? Well, this is sort of the same thing. You see, blue tansy flower (where blue tansy oil comes from) is part of the chamomile family. It's also known as Moroccan chamomile. 

Just because blue tansy benefits are some of the most dramatic for stressed-out skin, doesn't mean it isn't great for all skin types. In fact, it's one ingredient that those with oily, dry, sensitive, combination and breakout-prone skin all love. And for good reason. Of course, you can't just put blue tansy essential oil right on your skin. It needs a carrier oil, which is why blue tansy is basically magic in skincare. 

At Blunt Skincare, we're all about blue tansy oil skincare benefits and incorporate it in our ISOLATE Pure CBD Balancing Face Oil. Here's why. 

Blue Tansy Oil Benefits

1. It's calming AF. After using scrubs and peels and retinoids, skin can feel overly sensitized. Skip the acids and incorporate blue tansy oil to get your moisture barrier back in shape. It's even been used to treat burns

2. It's hydrating. Unlike some pore-clogging moisturizers, blue tansy oil provides lightweight hydration that won't flare up acne-prone skin. It can even help prevent breakouts. 

3. It's anti-inflammatory. Red, inflamed breakouts are no match to the sabiene and Camphor components in blue tansy oil, which have been shown to reduce inflammation. 

4. It can help reduce signs of aging. It's not just breakouts. Blue tansy oil benefits include a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, too. That's thanks to its antioxidant power that helps fight off sun damage. 

Blue Tansy Oil For the Skin

Blunt Skincare's Isolate Pure CBD Balancing Face Oil contains this multi-benefit oil. But that's not all. You're also getting the purest form of solubilized CBD, which feels soothing on the skin and enhances its ability to fight against inflammation. (There's more of that redness-reducing power!) Plus, its is formulated with brightening Rosehip and anti-bacterial Black Cumin to care for acne-prone skin. All of those benefits in one little bottle? Yes, please. 

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WOW! This is the first commercial product I have seen with Blue Tansy oil. Looks like the secret’s out !

Mike Harmon

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