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It feels good to be blunt.

We formulate our products only with clean and top-shelf ingredients that have long-lasting  benefits for your skin. Some of these ingredients are derived from cannabis, a plant that many refer to as “medicine” — us included. 

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We research plant-based ingredients and pick the finest and the most effective ones. Of course, BLUNT products never have parabens, phtalates, silicones, formaldehyde, synthetic dyes and fragrances. And we’re 100% vegan and only tested on humans.



Here’s where the science matters. You might know that the endocannabinoid system is part of our body, and it regulates functions of many organs, including the largest organ—our skin. BLUNT uses phytocannabinoids (external cannabinoids derived from the cannabis plant) in the formulas to help skin’s ability to fight inflammation and free radical damage. 

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We're passionate about cannabis and use it on the daily. But whether you're just curious or a heavy-hitter, use CBD or THC, hemp or marijuana — BLUNT never discriminates. 

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As a cannabis user myself, a chemist and a beauty product developer, I saw the need for a beauty brand that celebrates cannabis and is specialized in researching cannabinoids for skincare benefits. That’s what we are creating at BLUNT—a 420-friendly beauty brand that combines innovative cosmetic chemistry with cannabis. We openly talk about the use of cannabis: medicinal, recreational and now in skincare. The main focus of our cannabis face oil collection is to educate our customer that not every cannabis-derived ingredient works the same way. We love how lightweight and hydrating seed oil is, how purified CBD fights inflammation, and how full-spectrum cannabis extract provides a wide range of therapeutic benefits.

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