About Us

It feels good to be blunt. We formulate our products with only clean and top-shelf ingredients that have long-lasting benefits for your skin. Some of the ingredients are derived from cannabis, a plant that many refer to as "medicine" — us included.

Founded by a chemist

After spending 10 years in the beauty industry, I still felt like something was missing, especially in the cannabis research. My approach was different: as a cosmetic scientist I wanted to research every ingredient, how its sourced and what skincare benefit it provides — I picked the most effective ones, the highest quality, clean and sustainable.

Cannabinoids in skincare

Here's where the science matters. You might know that the endocannabinoid system is part of our body, and it regulates the largest organ — our skin. Blunt skincare uses phytocanabinoids (external cannabinoids derived from the cannabis plant) in the formulas to enhance skin's ability to fight inflammation and free radical damage.

Commitment to transparency

It feels good be blunt. Our community is just like us, they're honest and they stand by what they say. No sugarcoating, just the real stuff. 

Our promise: any topic we're interested in, we'll always be as blunt as possible.