Ingredient Library: Rosehip Oil Benefits for Skin

Ingredient Library: Rosehip Oil Benefits for Skin

Recommended by dermatologists, cosmetic chemists, and many beauty experts — Rosehip Oil has earned its popularity because people use it to address many skin concerns, and the oil is suitable for most skin types. Even the most sensitive types are safe with this holy grail skincare ingredient!

What is Rosehip Oil (INCI: Rosa Canina Seed Oil)? 

The ingredient is derived by pressing the seeds of Rosa Canina, a wild rose, also known as Dog Rose. The Rosehip Oil is not to be confused with rose oil — a fragrant essential oil extracted from the rose flowers. Similar to many plant-derived ingredients, this oil consists of various chemical compounds. The typical profile is fatty acids, phytosterols, tocopherols, and trace amounts of tretinoin — a derivative of Vitamin A.
The extraction method directly impacts this bioactive content, so picking the unrefined, cold-pressed oil from a reputable source will get you the highest dose.

How Will My Skin Benefit From Using Rosehip Oil?

We have a list, literally. Aside from moisturizing emollient properties (most plant oils are moisturizing!), these extra perks will make you want to keep it in your skincare routine: 

  1. Retinoic Acid: Vitamin A derivative boosts the skin renewal and, with low dosage, expect no irritation side effects. 
  2. Perfect for acne-prone skin: Rosehip has a low comedogenicity rating and has anti-inflammatory properties: it can also help with scarring
  3. Protects the skin: Antioxidants make the Rosehip oil perfect for daily use to protect the skin against free radicals. 

How to Add Rosehip to Your Skincare Routine?

You'd want to consider leave-on (not rinse-off) skincare products — facial oils, serums or moisturizers. Antioxidants can degrade easily, so ask the manufacturer whether the oil is cold-pressed or heated during the formulation (many moisturizers go through a "hot" emulsification step during manufacturing). Our Isolate Pure CBD Balancing Face Oil contains cold-pressed Rosehip to complement the balancing effect on the skin, precisely because of its anti-inflammatory properties for acne-prone, sensitive skin. 

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