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Our Face Oil Collection

Potent formulas to hydrate, balance and renew the skin

Blunt skincare Seed Hydrating Face Oil formulated with Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil


Hydrating Face Oil


Blunt Skincare Isolate Pure CBD Balancing Face Oil


Pure CBD Balancing Face Oil


BLUNT Skincare MOONROCK Full-Spectrum Renewal Face Oil


Full Spectrum Renewal Face Oil


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Cold-pressed Seed Oil

While hemp seeds do not contain any CBD, they are extremely nutritious and super moisturizing. We're using this ingredient to hydrate the skin and prevent the loss of moisture. *0% CBD or THC.

Purified Cannabidiol (CBD)

This is the actual CBD molecule in its cleanest and purest form. It's derived from Cannabis Sativa (hemp) plant and then purified to remove all other parts of the plant. *0% THC.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract

Full-spectrum Hemp extract refers to the least processed ingredient from cannabis. It still contains a full range of naturally-occurring cannabinoids. *contains trace amounts of THC — less than 0.3%. 

Clean and Transparent

No Parabens. No synthetic dyes. 100% Vegan. Made in Los Angeles.

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with Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil



with Purified Cannabidiol (CBD)



with Full-Spectrum Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Extract




"This might actually be the first CBD product I’ve tried that contains blue tansy, an anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and antimicrobial ingredient (that also happens to smell incredible). In my eyes, it is the absolute perfect complement to cannabidiol in a face serum".  More


"This cannabis skincare company was founded by a Los Angeles-based chemist who wants to educate skincare enthusiasts on what the plant can do for your skin. This pure CBD isolate serum contains rosehip, black cumin and blue tansy extract to help soothe and balance irritation-prone skin." More

Nude Mag

"As far as the science goes, Chirkov has developed a process in which he fuses phytocannabinoids, a derivative made from the external cannabinoids produced from cannabis (along with other natural ingredients), More


"The first thing that I noticed about the brand was that they weren't afraid to use photos of actual nuggets in their marketing. Most brands that sell products containing CBD or hemp seed oil tend to use vague imagery of the pot leaves or smoke, but BLUNT Skincare is being...more blunt about it." More

The Inventory

"I cannot (officially) encourage getting high at home during the work day, but I can recommend embracing the CBD trend in your skincare routine. I’m a big fan of Blunt Skincare, because every product was created by a real life chemist in a real life lab coat (I don’t know if chemists wear lab coats but I feel like chemist’s wear lab coats??)" more

Beauty Packaging

“My main objective was to find a bottle no other brand had,” he says. “I also wanted to showcase the beautiful colors of the formulas because we do not use any synthetic dyes in the formulation; the hues come from plant ingredients.” More

Cosmetics Design

"Blunt skincare, a cannabis-based face oil collection that made its debut this spring, holds both wellness and transparency as its core values — the brand’s name, Blunt, was purposely intended to impart the brand’s mission of authenticity and openness." More

About Blunt.


We're passionate about cannabis, a plant many refer to as "medicine" — us included. We combine innovatve cosmetic chemistry with cannabis. 

*All products are Farm Bill compliant and will not get you high. 


As a chemist-led brand, science matters to us the most. We've researched each ingredient and picked the finest, vigorosly tested (only on humans and never on animals) and formulated the highly-effective, innovative green formulations. 


It feels good to be blunt. Our community is just like us, they're honest and they stand by what they say. No sugarcoating, just the real stuff.

Our promise: any topic we're interested in, we'll always be as blunt as possible.